Google Contacts adds an option not to lose data by accident

Google is adding a new feature to Contacts that will help users recover accidentally deleted contacts.

This Google tool has a set of functions that allow us to add and manage our entire contact list. However, you do not have a fundamental option for users who are distracted or who regret their actions.

Yes, the famous trash can. Although it appears in most of the services of Google Gmail, Photos, Drive, among others, it is not available in the Contacts app. So if you deleted a contact by accident, you have to go through the tedious task of adding all the data again.

Google plans to implement this option both in the web version and in the Contacts apps. We already know the dynamics. When the user deletes an item go directly to the trash, and will have 30 days to reverse the action and recover the contact information. Otherwise, it will be deleted forever.

An interesting detail that users will find when they take a look at the Trash is that it will show when and from what version of Contacts certain data was deleted. A simple form of headaches.

Although the user can have the Trash option on any device where the Contacts app is installed, they can only manage it from the web version. And of course, all the changes you make will be synced across all devices.

Google has already begun to deploy this novelty in the web version of Contacts and it will gradually spread over the next few weeks. And over time it will be implemented on iOS and Android as well.

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