Google creates another application similar to Pinterest: Keen

A few days ago we told you about an application created by Google that seemed to be the son of Pinterest and TikTok. Her name is Tangi, and although she lacks a lot of content to be able to compete with the greats, she has the essence of a champion.

Now a new one appears from section 120, Google’s experiment area: it is Keen, his new project.

It is a web and Android application where the boards are called Keen, and it allows us to do several on the topics we prefer. Users can add links, photos and other resources, invite friends to collaborate and follow Keens that they find interesting, just like on Pinterest

For the content suggestion, they will use Google’s Automatic Intelligence, and that is where there can be a major difference, as few beat Google in the world of AI.

Keen allows us to select the content we like, share the collection with others and find new content based on what we have saved, as co-founder CJ Adams says in a blog post.

The idea is to expand our interests and hobbies and spend less time browsing things that do not interest us. It’s similar to what Facebook does with Collections, or Instagram … now it’s about getting users, and with so many social options on the market, it won’t be an easy task.

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