Google deletes TikTok clone Zynn from its store

Zynn is a Chinese app that copies the operation of TikTok, also from China, but it is not only the design and modus operandi that duplicates it, you also see a lot of repeated content.

That has been the trigger for the banning of one of the most famous apps among iPhone users.

As reported by Wired this week, several extremely popular TikTok users have reported that their videos can also be found on Zynn without consent. Some even say that their accounts have been completely cloned, including usernames, in some cases, with copies of photos and videos posted months ago on TikTok.

Zynn hit iOS and Android at the beginning of May and reached the top of downloads very quickly. It became the most downloaded free iOS app at the end of May and one of the top 10 downloads on the Google Play Store. Now it is no longer available on android.

In Zynn users earn rewards if they manage to recruit others, it is a somewhat confusing scheme that encourages uploading popular videos, even if they are not yours. Users earn $ 1 for signing up, $ 20 for the first person they join, and $ 10 for every five users thereafter, money that can be redeemed as gift cards or cash. Some believe that it is a pyramid scheme.

A Zynn spokesperson told the FT that the app was removed from the Play Store due to plagiarism and admitted that the company has had some bugs in this regard. Apparently they are already in communication with Google and are working to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Surely to return, and continue to grow to become another important point to focus campaigns, in case we had few.

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