Google Discover is independent of Google News, and you can appear in one without being accepted in the other

Google has eliminated some doubts related to the appearance of news in Google Discover, and they confirm that it is a completely independent service from Google News, so it is possible that a news from a new medium, without being approved in Google News, appears in Discover. based on the company’s internal algorithms.

John Mueller confirms this in a video about SEO that aired on March 19, 2021: Discover is independent from Google News. We can appear on Discover and not on Google News, or vice versa.

Another important point I mentioned was that sometimes parts of a site may violate Discover’s content policies. Google’s systems may not be secure and simply won’t list the site in Discover, as Google is more critical of the content that appears on Discover than we might initially think, proactively displaying it to users, and a false news or something that violates internal policies, could cause a lot of damage.

The video also deals with other topics of great interest to content creators, such as how to accept guest posts, link exchange, canonical urls, indexing, the characteristics that a mobile website should have, internationalization. , duplicate content, sitemaps, Search Console platform, content paging theme, and much more.

Here we leave you with the video, one hour, so you can enjoy the details:

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