Google Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets will allow you to choose files available offline

The big problem with Google Drive, both in its space for text documents (Docs), presentations (Slides) and spreadsheets (Sheets), is that a stable Internet connection is still necessary to work without interruptions. Of course, an attempt at a solution is in its offline mode, which synchronizes some of the most recent files to continue having them even if network access is lost.

Well, they announced today on the Google Apps blog that not only will the most recent files be synchronized automatically, but you can choose, within all Drive documents, the ones you want to mark so that they are available at all times without connection . To do this, just right-click and slide the Available Offline button on the right side of the file list from both the Drive website and that of its individuals (Drive, Docs and Sheets):

Of course, in addition to the update being due this week, it may be necessary to activate the general offline synchronization, activation that is verified in two ways depending on whether you are accessing as Google Apps Administrator (schools, companies and other institutions) or as a user independent-well, also from the type of device being accessed.

For the first case and from Chrome on desktops, the administrator will have to go to theGoogle Management Console> Applications> Google Apps> Drive> Data accessand check the optionAllow users to enable offline documents; The rest of the mortals will have to go to or visit the Google Drive home page, go to Configurationand mark the only option present in the section entitledNo connection.

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