Google Drive has a new notification system on Android

If you are overwhelmed by the notifications that come to Google Drive and you always lose sight of those that are important, you might be interested in knowing what’s new in the latest version for Android.

So that consulting and managing notifications from your mobile is not a headache, Google Drive is implementing a new system.

New notification system for Drive from Android

Google Drive is launching a new notification center on Android. The idea is that users can find those notifications that they consider most important without having to go through each one. To do this, you have activated a new system.

A system that is available for business accounts as well as personal Google Drive accounts. Those who have a Google Workspace account will find this center in Priority >> Notifications, and the rest of the users will see this section in Home. So from this new center, users can see the activity of their shared files, comments, access requests, among other types of notifications.

And of course, the user can, from each notification, have additional information and directly access the file or comment that requires his or her attention. You can also use filters to easily find, delete or discard notifications. Or you can take actions, for example share files directly from the notification alert.

One detail to keep in mind is that this dynamic works whether you have Drive notifications enabled on your Android device or not. So if you don’t want to be bothered with constant notifications, you can choose to disable it and then take a look at this new section.

And on the other hand, it saves users from having to constantly rely on email to check every notification that arrives about their files, shared documents, or requests from teammates.

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