Google Drive will display dynamic file notifications in Chrome

And just as the practical selective offline synchronization functionality of Drive documents, spreadsheets and presentations was announced and activated for all, the option to always and offline have specific files hosted in such a service, it gives notice of another feature that will Soon to make the experience of using Google Drive in Chrome more productive: Instant web notifications.

The idea is that every time a user shares a file or folder with us through Google Drive or requests access to one of ours, a small card appears in the upper part of the browser that, in the form of a notification, allows one click to the corresponding window to review the shared file or proceed with the cession of permissions from the Drive panel.

As for the activation of the functionality, it should be available to everyone during the week. When it happens, a small notice will appear in the bottom left of the Drive main screen, in the file list, inviting you to enable web notifications.

Sure, surely in the section of ConfigurationThe option to activate and deactivate them will also appear as they will only work if the user decides that it is so. Again, it is only supported when working within Google Chrome.

More information: Official Google Apps blog

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