Google Duo already allows invitations to video call groups through links

There is no doubt that this year is being highlighted by the greater use of video calls, caused by the confinement situation that we have lived through for months, both for personal and professional purposes.

In fact, video calls have grown in importance so far this year that even Zoom, which was originally known only in business circles, has become known and used by private users as well.

But the war for video calls has only just begun, we can assure you of that. A few days ago, Signal Private Messenger announced a series of jobs to create its equivalent function to Zoom, that is, to create its new group video calling function. And Signal is now also quite well known now for social protests, hitting heights of historic discharges.

But we are going to focus now on Google, one of the main technology companies, which is taking advantage of the confinement situation to publicize its video calling solutions to the masses, among which is Duo, which has received a significant boost during these months ago.

In this sense, you are now getting the ability to generate invitation links through your mobile application for Android devices, from the latest versions available, being active at the server level for most users today. This is a long-awaited feature since your ad ran last May.

As they point out in Android PoliceTo get the invitation link for a conversation group, you only need to have said group created and add at least one member.

The generated link can be shared by any way you want so that the rest of the members can join up to a total of 12, which is the maximum limit of participants that Duo allows at the moment.

At this point, according to the aforementioned publication, Google plans to expand the number of maximum participants to 32, although at the moment it is not possible and for now it is not known when this interesting expansion will arrive.

Those who click on the link will open the Google Duo mobile app and see the participating members before joining the conversation.

Undoubtedly, the segment of video calls is quite exciting, so we should not be surprised by the initiatives that are coming out, and more from companies like Google, which has known how to revolutionize email services at the time, taking them out of their lethargy. in which they were assumed. To this day, a 5 MB inbox is no longer conceivable.

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