Google Duo for Android already allows video calls with up to 32 participants

Google Duo continues to improve its dynamics and the options it offers to users. In the latest update for Android it brings an important improvement: support for video calls with up to 32 participants.

This Google app timidly began to update with some popular features, and in a short time, it has become one of the chosen options for this time of special care for the pandemic.

Google has focused mainly on one of the characteristics that users request the most, and that makes the difference when choosing one or another application: the number of participants supported in a video call. It started with 4 participants for group calls, but quickly grew to 8.

And this year we have seen how it went to 12, and then the capacity increased to 32 participants in its web version. A major update that is now rolling out to the Google Duo app for Android. The dynamics is the same as we know so far, it is only necessary to Create a group and we will see the options to select up to 31 people at most.

This new capacity is already available in the new version of the app, so check if you have Google Duo updated on your Android mobile. Some users see a message when they open the app announcing this novelty, but others simply notice this improvement when they start the process of making the video call.

So if Google Duo still supports 11 participants on your mobile, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of updating the app. And if this update in the capacity of participants is not enough for your needs, remember that Google has other proposals such as Meet, which supports up to 100 users per video call.

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