Google excel will fill in formulas automatically

When we work with Google spreadsheets, we have to use several formulas to perform tasks of all kinds: dividing a column in two, transforming numbers, reducing decimals, cutting words, crossing data … the possibilities are enormous, but Google knows that there are some cases more common than others.

Now you have announced something that can help us save a lot of time: formula autocomplete.

In the same way that you autocomplete texts in Gmail, fill out formulas automatically when you feel what we want to do. If we focus on a column with people’s first and last names, for example, and start creating a formula to separate the two, Google can come to that conclusion before we finish, and automatically complete the formula ahead of schedule.

It’s one of two updates released in the past few hours, called Smart Fill, which will be released later this year.

The company does not auto-populate a column, but instead creates a formula to populate it, which gives us quite a bit of flexibility to manipulate that data as needed.

The second new feature coming in the near future is Smart Cleanup, which, as the name suggests, can help us clean up data when finding duplicate rows and formatting problems. The suggest changes tool, which users can accept or ignore.

He also announced the availability of Connected Sheets, a feature that connects a BigQuery data warehouse to Sheets so you can analyze petabytes of data in sheets without having to know SQL or any programming language, bringing Big Data closer to more people. Connected Sheets is now available to G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite Enterprise Essentials users.

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