Google+ for business officially disappears in favor of Currents

As marked on the Google calendar, Currents is officially going live as the replacement for Google+ for businesses.

To give us a little understanding of the situation, it was at the beginning of April of last year (2019) when Google established the closure of Google+ for end users, in the meantime maintaining a version of its social network for G Suite business customers.

A month ago, Google reached out to G Suite administrators by email to advise them that they will finally shut down Google+ in favor of Currents today July 6, which officially leaves the beta to begin to have general availability.

In fact, Google+ mobile app is already being updated to Currents for Android and iOS through the main application markets, where in addition to the brand and logo change, it also comes with a redesign of the user interface under Material Design along with new features, including the new privileges and content moderation functions for administrators , as has been expected for a long time.

Still, familiarity of operation is not lost business customers of G Suite were used to, whose main interface basics remain as usual.

That is, although the links with are maintained, users who try to access them will be redirected to the new links with We do not know how long Google will keep the old links.

What we do know that Currents compete in the league of applications similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams, among other options, focused on facilitating business conversations.

With the step taken today, it can be said that Google+ disappears for the last time, leaving behind a long history in which, despite all the attempts, Google+ has not been able to find a place in social networks.

Image Credit: Google

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