Google gives more context to news in search results

Google is testing a new dynamic in the search engine to help users expand information on certain important news.

Some users have noticed that the news carousel now shows related articles to expand the topic under the For context message. A plus that adds to searches from mobile devices.

Google has not commented on this, so the dynamics of this new feature can only be inferred from the examples that users have shared. For example, Valentin Pletzer shares some screenshots of his search on his Twitter profile.

In his images you can see how Google links two articles related to the news. Give priority to one of the articles, and the second is as additional content to expand the news or have more context. In the examples, the two selected articles are from the same news outlet.

At this time, this function only applies to very specific news and only in English. But keep in mind that it is part of one of the many tests that Google performs in its search engine, so there is still no established dynamics.

Google already has a number of options to highlight relevant content in searches with featured snippets and knowledge panels. And the news is no exception. They have the Featured News section and the carousels with different related articles to broaden the topic.

At the moment, it only remains to wait to see if it is officially implemented in the search engine, and if it is extended to other languages.

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