Google Guide (Free PDF): How to make money creating applications

AdMob by Google has released a book in Spanish Practical Guide for monetizing applications, ebook that aims to help application developers (beginners) to monetize their application, something fundamental in a universe that is planning almost 7 billion mobile phones in 2019, 75% of the world population.

It is not a very big book, it is possible in a short time to consult several useful examples and tips to get started, focusing on the 7 main models to make money with apps (premium applications, ads, freemium, e-commerce, subscription, direct purchases from the application and hybrid mode: ads in the app + direct purchases from the app), the pros and cons of each one, the appropriate strategies for each app and other important points in this sector.

Among the topics discussed, they give special importance to how to know the options to promote each app, since it requires the developer to fully understand their audience: Are they searching for your product on Google? Are they on social media? Do you read any blog or news sources? Are there paid ways to promote yourself on these channels?

Throughout the guide, you can see examples of real applications and the business model applied, as well as percentages that indicate how users find the applications they are looking for.

It's only 19 pages, and registration is needed to get the document, but the content is worth it. You can request it on this form.

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