Google has a “hidden” drawing app

A few days ago we showed you a list of excellent drawing applications for mobile phones, but it is possible that you are looking for something not very sophisticated, with just the right brushes and without the need to install applications.

In that case pay attention, because Google has a hidden one that we can use from any web browser.

It is, an application not very well known from the great Google that allows us to create drawings and be sure that they are saved in our account forever.

We can use Canvas to create our own designs, works that are synchronized with our Google account, so we can access them from the Chrome browser. They indicate that Canvas works best with Chromebook, Chromebase, and Chromebox, but we’ve tested it with other computers with no issues.

We can create a drawing by accessing the corner of the screen, selecting the applications menu and then the up arrow. There we can choose the background, with the possibility of drawing on a blank canvas or selecting New drawing to put another background.

Drawings can also be shared from the menu, with an option to export the content seamlessly.

Regarding the drawing itself, it has layers and several brushes, being possible at all times to alter the color to create without problems. Here I show you on our Instagram:

The result will depend on the screen, the pencil you have to draw, patience and, of course, talent. It works well from mobile, so you can test it from anywhere.

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