Google improves Family Link with detailed guides, new parental controls and more

Google once again looks to parents and guardians to present, today, the news to bring to Family Link over the next few weeks. Without going any further, yesterday they also published a guide for parents and guardians along with the next news about Google Meet for the school environment.

The company thus wants to increase the resources available to those who see as the first generation of parents who raise their children surrounded by technology. With this, he wants to help their children to make responsible use of them, providing them with mechanisms (mostly parental controls) for safe browsing under their own guidelines.

Guides, tips, overviews, and more

In this sense, they officially present, the new website where parents will find detailed guides to the use of technology by a number of organizations partners such as Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, Family Online Safety Institute, Headspace, PBS KIDS, and Sesame Workshop.

To this is added the overviews of Google apps geared towards children and families, and even news with them and useful information and tips. was mentioned yesterday in the new Meet guide for parents and guardians as one of the avenues where parents and guardians can expand information on Google applications for families.

New parental controls, more activity data, and useful content

On the other hand, Family Link bring a parental control to allow children to use a number of selected applications, even outside the designated time on their devices.

This is the always allowed control, which is intended to encourage the use of certain applications, ideal for parents who prefer to focus on how their children use the devices with respect to the time they invest in them.

They also arrive new data to activity reports, also incorporating the possibility of knowing the time that the children spend using the selected applications in the always allowed control.

On Android, the teacher-recommended app card will now come with suggestions from a catalog of thousands of teacher-approved apps, geared toward children under 13, though for the time being coming to the United States. In addition, Parental controls on Android will also allow parents to set time limits directly on children’s devices.

And thirdly, Google notes that it is working with Headspace to develop content aimed at guiding families in the responsible use of technologies, announcing the arrival of an episode of Headspace Breathers on YouTube and YouTube Kids starting next month and on a weekly basis.

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