Google increases the range of rewards for errors found in Chrome

One of the aspects that Google pays special attention to is the security of their Chrome browser, being aware that Chrome is currently sufficiently secure, which makes it difficult to find new vulnerabilities.

In this situation, Google has decided to increase the range of rewards within its error rewards program, reaching a maximum of $ 15,000 per error instead of the $ 5,000 of the previous range, thus promoting the interest and extra effort that is They will have to be carried out by the community of researchers, whose help so far has allowed the fix of more than 700 security errors found, ending with more than 1.25 million dollars through said program. However, from Google they make it clear that they can make exceptions that allow them to reward higher amounts, especially for large reports.

Google also adds that they are going to pay the high price of range when researchers can provide an exploit where they can demonstrate the trajectory of a specific attack against users. Given this, researchers can choose to present the vulnerability first and then follow it up with an exploit. They believe that this will win both parties, both for security and for researchers, leading to patches of errors early and that collaborators can claim errors as soon as possible, avoiding the possibility of a duplicate report being submitted.

One more aspects to take into account are, on the one hand, Google’s public recognition of collaborators through the Hall of Fame, and on the other hand, they will reward with the new rank the presentations made since the past 1 of July of this year.

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