Google intends to create an ECommerce platform with its Google Pay

Google Pay has become very popular in the last few years in the field of contactless payments. Many people use it in stores, paying with their mobile or with their watch, without the need for cards or contact with buttons.

Now the matter is going to evolve, and it seems that an upcoming redesign will give the application a focus on purchases in the United States.

They report it from The Information: Google is working on a major revision of its payment application. The goal is to create a single portal to commerce where buyers can buy directly from physical and online retailers.

From within the app we can buy with new brand buttons from important merchants, although the report does not indicate how many partners there are at the moment.

Much of the rumored payment functionality is already available in the live version of the app (Tez) in India. From there you can order food for example, something very popular in several countries. Now they want to bring that popularity to the United States.

Another goal is to drive the adoption of Google Pay in that country. There is more and more competition, even Samsung has its own debit card. Google is rumored to be working on checking accounts and debit cards that offer a modern user experience, similar to that offered by the competition.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to The Information that it plans to take the international Pay model to other parts of the world, although that experience will be adapted to all markets.

Their CEO has already indicated that they have been very successful with their payments product in the last 18 months. They had a tremendously successful launch in India from which they learned many features, and this year we will see that learning in new products.

We may see some feature crossover with Google Shopping, but the details are not yet known.

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