Google is preparing a new PDF viewer for Chrome

Google is working on interesting changes for Chrome that will make it easier for users to view and edit PDF from the browser.

A series of updates that give a bonus to those users who use Google Chrome for everything on their computer.

At the beginning of the month we mentioned that Google is developing a new system to work with editable PDFs from the browser, making it easier for the user to download the original or choose the edited document. And now other changes are added focused on the visualization of PDFs. As mentioned in Techdows, Google Chrome is testing a new PDF viewer that can be activated from its experimental functions.

If you use Google Chrome as the default option to view the PDFs that you have on your computer, or those that you open on the web, you will know that its viewer only offers the basic options page counter, print, download, fit page and zoom. Options that are distributed throughout the page.

The new viewer tries to rearrange all these tools so that they are visible in a top menu and in the sidebar. So all the options will always be visible in one place. It seems like a minor change, but if you use Chrome frequently, this improved viewer may make it easier for you.

At the moment, it is only partially available, activating one of the experimental functions in the Canary version of Google Chrome. To do this, just go to Chrome: // flags, and use the search engine to find the PDF Viewer Update and activate it.

Considering that this feature is still being tested, the dynamics and options may be different when the PDF viewer is released in one of the next stable versions of Google Chrome.

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