Google Keep for web, with new Chrome plugin and use of tags

Google Keep is a good project for saving notes, but the mobile version is much more useful and practical than the web version.

Now that distance is reduced with the launch of a new extension for chrome, already available for free at this link, capable of allowing us to save content in our Keep as we browse the Internet.

We can from saving links to texts or images, thus synchronizing it with the other platforms, both android, iOS and Android wear (one of the strong points, the use in android watches).

In the creation of notes we can add more details, and include #hashtags to classify the content easily and find it later, something basic that until now was not available.

In the chrome store there is already another extension of Google Keep, much more limited (just create a link to the app in the launcher that was removed a few days ago), so it is important to install the one that marks April 20 as the update date.

The objective is to centralize the data expanding the possibilities of an application that does not receive many updates. Google Keep could be the best notes app on the Internet, Google has the ability to achieve this, but today there are many more sophisticated and comprehensive options (from OneNote to Evernote).

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