Google launches a collection of Augmented Reality experiments

The Google team launched a collection of web experiments that harness the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

This collection, called WebXR Experiments, previews the potential of this web technology to provide users with applications that not only give them an immersive experience but also contribute to their daily activities.

Augmented Reality Experiments to see on your Android mobile

All the experiments that are part of this collection show the potential of WebXR for users to enjoy experiences in Augmented Reality, from any Android mobile device using the web browser.

So it is a small sample of what developers can create using WebXR covering different topics and needs. So far, in this collection of WebXR experiments there are four augmented reality proposals.

One of them is Picturescape, which proposes that we enjoy the photographs that we upload to Google Photos in an RA gallery. An experiment that is not yet available, so we will have to wait to see its full potential.

On the other hand, we have these three experiments that are already available to everyone:

  • Floom: this experiment proposes you to create a tunnel in Augmented Reality through the earth and see what is on the other side.
  • Measure Up: the idea of ​​this project is that you can measure the space between objects with Augmented Reality. Yes, replacing the popular tape measure. And you can even ask for the volume, area, length, etc.
  • Sodar: this experiment allows us to measure the 2 meters of social distancing.

All the experiments follow the same dynamics. You have to scan the QR code with the camera of your Android mobile and open the link in Google Chrome. You can see a preview of how these experiments work in this video:

To access all the experiments it is only necessary to go to the WebXR collection page.

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