Google launches a new function on Android so that you do not look at your mobile while walking

Google has already started rolling out a new Digital Wellbeing function that seeks to protect users who do not take their eyes off the mobile screen.

It is a function that joins the rest of the suggestions that Google offers to limit the time we spend on the mobile, but with an extra objective.

A Google feature that reminds you not to look at your phone when you walk

Digital Wellbeing is the Google application that comes pre-installed on Android phones and has a set of interesting functions. You can set rest mode, concentration mode, set goals for screen use time, timers for apps, among other options.

And now a new function is added that aims to take care of the user when he is on the street. Yes, to those users who have the habit of walking glued to the phone in zombie mode. This new function is called Heads Up, and using the device’s sensors, it will detect if the user is moving in a position that indicates that they are looking at the mobile.

When that happens, the user will see a notification on the mobile as a slap on the wrist, with a message suggesting that they avoid using the device while walking. Of course, it will be a function that can be disabled or configured according to our needs.

As mentioned by XdaDevelopers, and shown in the screenshots shown by Jay Prakash Kamat, this feature will also require a number of permissions to be enabled, for example, the controls for physical activity and location. So each user will have to decide whether to activate these permissions or to enable notifications for this feature.

At the moment, this feature is being implemented in the Digital Wellbeing beta that is already coming to Pixel mobiles. So those who want to try this dynamic, and have a Google mobile, will have to join the Digital Wellbeing beta program.

And the rest, we will have to wait for Google to extend this new function to the rest of the mobile devices. Of course, users don’t need to wait for this feature to kick their mobile walking habit, but it can be a constant reminder not to forget its importance.

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