Google launches “Be cool on the Internet” campaign, aimed at children

In addition to home and school, the Internet has become another source of learning for children, since many of them can access them from an early age through the use of devices connected to the cloud.

That is why it is considered important that children learn how to use the web reliably and safely, in order to avoid being victims of deception or getting involved in dangerous situations online.

And it is that, to implant in children good practices in the use of the Internet, it is necessary that parents assume a greater participation in the digital learning process, even if their knowledge in the matter is limited, since, as well as children, they will gradually adopt the steps to continue to make appropriate use of the network.

With this in mind, Google has taken the initiative to launch the Be great on the Internet campaign, which emerged as a result of a joint effort carried out between Google and companies in the children’s sector such as Family Online Safety Institute, ConnectSafely and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition.

This is how S great on the internet lies in exercising 5 basic aspects:

  1. Be smart on the Internet: Be careful when sharing or posting content.
  2. Be Cautious On The Internet: Stay Away From Traps
  3. Be Strong Online: Protect Your Secrets
  4. Be nice online: Friendliness is great
  5. Be brave on the Internet: go to an adult in case of risks or threats

The formulation of these principles focuses mainly on parents, so that they can transmit this information effectively to their children, having the opportunity to obtain it either through the main page of the project or by downloading a PDF document.

In an attempt by Google to actively promote its premise to kids that they are cool on the Internet, the company has made a game called Interland available to them.

Here the children will have to embark on an adventure in which they will have as a mission to put into practice all the qualities learned throughout the lessons about being intelligent, cautious, strong, kind and courageous on the Internet, surfing safely and crossing the 4 challenges arisen along the way.

Through their participation in this game, Google intends that children adopt a more conscious approach to the use they make of the Internet in the way of accessing certain pages of their age and the steps to follow when they feel that they are in the presence of a person. situation that may represent a risk to them.

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