Google launches free course on Android app programming in Kotlin

If you are considering getting started in the development of mobile applications for Android, from Google now comes a free online course called Android Basics in Kotlin, aimed at all those who have not yet created applications for this operating system, with which through the five teaching units that it consists of, each one with its informative videos, test codes and small exams, you can begin to create basic applications for this operating system.

The choice of Kotlin is not accidental, since it is the programming language that is increasingly used professionally when creating applications for Android. Google points out that it is currently used by 60% of professional developers, and also points out that 70% of the 1000 most popular applications on the Play Store are developed under this programming language.

Kotlin is, broadly speaking, a object-oriented programming language that runs on top of the java virtual machine, and that allows its compilation to source code for javascript. It was presented in 2011 by JetBrains, in 2012 its source code was released under the Apache 2 license, but in 2017 Google considered it as the official language for Android, placing it at the same level as Java, which has allowed it to receive an important boost, from ah that, from that moment to date, more and more developers have been interested in it.

For now The first Android Basics in Kotlin teaching unit is available, whose description is the following:

Take your first programming steps in Kotlin, add images and text to your Android applications, and learn how to use classes, objects, and conditionals to create an interactive application for your users.

All that remains is for the remaining four to arrive, although yes, the content is only available in English. It will only be a matter of taking time, and more taking advantage of the summer, and if you wish, with your Google account you can save your progress, although you can follow the course without the need for a Google account.

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