Google launches new online exhibition on the history of electronic music

Google Arts & Culture adds a new online exhibition dedicated to electronic music.

More than 50 international institutions have participated in this new project so that users can enjoy a complete journey through the history of electronic music from different contexts.

New Google Arts & Culture Electronic Music Exhibit

In this exhibition you will find a lot of material and experiences to enjoy as you go through the history of electronic music.

You will find a large archive of photos and videos, 360 tours, sounds and experiments with augmented reality. For example, one of the experiments invites you to create a recording studio in your home by creating a virtual space with the help of AR, while discovering the functions of 5 iconic synthesizers.

And of course, you can meet some of the musicians who were key in the development of this genre, synthesizers of the time, behind the scenes of recording studios, songs, among other curiosities. And so that you can take advantage of all this material, Google divided some of its content into different categories.

For example, for those who want to take their first steps in electronic music, they will find a mini guide in A Total Newbie, or if you want to jump directly to music, you can choose Only here for music. In this section you will find the different types of electronic music genre as well as its main references.

In A Tech Nerd, you’ll be able to take a tour of all the technology, techniques, and instruments that shaped electronic music. And you can even have a 3D view of some of the most famous synthesizers. And if you are interested in the culture behind this style of music, you will discover the history and design of famous nightclubs in different cities, under At the club.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher, you can download the study guide provided by Google to use all this content as an educational resource.

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