Google launches two hearing accessibility applications for Android devices

Google is a company that understands technology as a tool that makes people's daily lives easier. And now it targets the group of people with hearing difficulties, launching two new accessibility applications for Android devices: Instant Transcription and Sound Amplifier.

Instant Transcription is a mobile application that uses the power of the Google cloud for automatic voice recognition to offer on-screen and in real time the text transcripts of the conversations that are taking place in the user's own environment and are collected through the microphone of your mobile device, also allowing you to participate in them without having to speak by voice, being able to write your answers directly on the screen.

According to Google, this new application can also be connected with external microphones to improve the accuracy of the transcripts. Instant Transcription is available in over 70 languages ​​and dialects, beginning its gradual rollout through the Play Store in limited beta for users worldwide, also arriving pre-installed on Pixel 3 devices.

Sound amplifier It is the other accessibility application where, basically, its mission is to facilitate the sound that is generated in the user's own environment by amplifying it and reducing background noise. The user can use the application on their Android phone with wired headphones to filter, increase and amplify the sounds in their environment, according to Google.

The application itself will offer a control panel where the user can make the appropriate configuration with sliders and switches to suit their listening needs.

Sound Amplifier is available from today in Google Play Store and is compatible with Android 9 Pie or later and will come, like Instant Transcription, pre-installed on the Pixel 3.

With these two new accessibility applications, Google hopes that hearing impaired users, a group that will reach 900 million people worldwide by 2055, according to estimates by the World Health Organization, can be more independent in your day by day.

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