Google Lens begins to have its own image gallery

Google Lens, Google’s real-time image recognition application, continues to evolve over the years. From 9to5Google they have observed that Google is bringing its own gallery of images to the beta version of the Google Lens application for Android, trying to offer an experience similar to the one it has in integrated applications such as Google Photos.

The idea is that instead of users choosing an image saved locally on the device through any of the image gallery and / or file browser applications available on the mobile, to offer an even easier experience with their own gallery. .

Facilitating access to local images through your own gallery

Through this, Google will offer two groups of thumbnails, grouping in the first one the most recent screenshots that have been saved, giving the option to see all the available ones, and grouping in the second all the images saved in the mobile, including screenshots as well.

In its current state, its own gallery lacks a search field function and also a filtering by image directories, so it will be not very functional in case of having a large collection of images, and more if these images are also displayed in multiple directories, forcing you to resort to other more efficient methods, since Google Lens also has other integrations in the system to be able to bring saved images in multiple ways to your application.

It is likely that Google can make a few more changes along the way, or add new capabilities in successive versions of the gallery starting from its arrival in the stable version. We do not know what Google has planned in this regard, although there is no doubt that Google’s image recognition application is already in need of updating to catch up on different fronts.

In this regard, the last major update took place last September, the redesign of which introduced the ability to open the default galley or file browser application, or select any of them, to navigate between locally saved images.

As we usually say in these cases, we can only wait for the current beta version to continue to evolve towards stable to be able to know all the news, where even the company should offer us an official communication with all the information of interest.

Image credit: 9to5Google

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