Google Maps finds Edward Snowden's lair … in the White House

Google Maps finds Edward Snowden's lair ... in the White House

Edward Snowden is one of the most wanted people in the world, but he may well be close to his pursuers, at least according to this finding by Edward Snowden on Google Maps.

If we look for the White House, the place where the president of the United States lives and runs the country, we will find that in the same building is Edwards Snow Den, as we see in the screenshot above.

Does Google know something the rest don’t know? Is it all part of a cool plan where Snowden hides in a place no one would have imagined? Or is it that Edward Snowden and Barack Obama are the same person and nobody has noticed because they have never been in the same place at the same time?

Find Edward Snowden on Google Maps

As you may have imagined, it is all a joke that has somehow managed not to jump the suspicions of the managers of Google Maps. It is a fictitious store of snowboards (or Snowboard), which has managed define your location as that of the White House.

Making a play on words with Snow, and its den, its creator has managed to put in the White House the name of the person who leaked thousands of documents and secret files on the espionage of the US government on citizens from all over the world. world.

It is not certain that this joke will last long, especially since it reveals a failure in the Google system when accepting new business on Maps.

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