Google Maps has a new design in Android Auto with these news

If you use Android Auto from the mobile you will find an interesting change with respect to Google Maps.

Although the integration with Google Maps works well, its interface has been outdated if we take into account the visual changes that the main Google applications have undergone. So it was time that Maps also received a makeover within Android Auto, as plans to integrate it into Google Assistant have not yet materialized.

One of the most notable differences that you will find in this new design, thanks to an update of Google Maps, is that the menu is now more compact, and does not occupy almost the entire screen, preventing us from moving around the map. And the buttons are floating so they don’t block any application options either.

And of course, the rest of the design elements look more modern, with rounded edges and better distribution of spaces. This update is coming to Google Maps server, so be patient, it usually takes time to implement to all users.

Although it may seem like a small update, it will make a difference when traveling since you will not have to be fighting with the elements of the interface to see the directions or the chosen route. And on the other hand, it is a striking detail that Google updated some aspect related to Android Auto for mobile, since last year it announced that it would be removed as an application.

According to the plans they shared, the idea is to integrate all the Android Auto functions directly into the Google Assistant. So Android Auto will be exclusively for cars, and all the functions for driving mode will be part of the many options that the Assistant provides. Plans still pending.

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