Google Maps integrates graph of travel time for selected destinations

We are already used to the fact that not all the news integrated into the services on-line are announced by the respective owner companies. In this case, from Android Police They have noticed that a travel time graph has been integrated into Google Maps that will be displayed after selecting a specific destination, just before the indications, showing the level of traffic that will be both before and several hours later through a series of bars.

The travel time graph is quite similar to the hourly occupation graph that Google Maps has already been showing for local establishments for some time, which has allowed us to know the occupation of a specific location at different times.

It appears that the new travel time chart has been available for a few weeks now, and although they have been able to learn from the publication that it is available at least in the United States and the United Kingdom, I have just verified that it is also available for Spain. .

In this way, if we are interested in going to a specific destination, at least from our mobile devices we can know the level of existing traffic to be able to make a decision that allows us to go to that destination just when we are interested.

At the moment, Google has not provided details about its operation, although it is likely that it will work similarly to the calculations it makes to find out the level of occupation of the premises, only this time we are talking about streets and routes.

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