Google Maps now lets you listen to YouTube Music on the go

Google Maps adds support for YouTube Music giving users the ability to listen to their playlists while in Navigation Mode from an Android mobile.

This new integration follows the same dynamics that we have already seen with other compatible multimedia applications, such as Spotify.

To set YouTube Music as the default multimedia application, just go to Settings, scroll to Navigation settings and select that option. You will see all the available apps, and if you already have the latest Google Maps update, you will find YouTube Music on the list.

Once you select the application you will have to give the corresponding permissions to play and control your YouTube Music account from Google Maps. When you finish the process you will already have YouTube configured as the default app, so when you enter Navigation Mode you will see its icon on the screen.

If you want to listen to music you just select the icon and you will have a small player with multimedia controls. Without leaving Google Maps you will be able to see a list of the last nine albums or songs that you have listened to on YouTube Music, in case you want some of them to accompany you on the trip.

One detail to keep in mind is that if you have never configured this function, you will first have to enable Show multimedia playback controls in Settings, to display the multimedia application options. And of course, have the YouTube Music application installed on the mobile.

And an essential requirement for this dynamic to work is that the user has a premium account on YouTube Music. If you don’t have a premium account at the moment, don’t worry, you can choose Spotify as the default multimedia app as it works smoothly for all its users.

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