Google Maps tests an option that will make it easier to plan our travel route

Google Maps already shows a lot of information about the traffic when we move using the application.

Regardless of the means of transport we use, Google Maps has a series of functions that facilitate the journey. And now it seems that Google is trying to add additional information with data about the traffic lights.

It is not a function that is active yet, there are not even registrations that are part of a beta. However, some users in the United States noticed that the traffic light icon is integrated between the road signs, as mentioned by Droif Life.

These traffic light icons are visible both in navigation mode and when scrolling the map manually. However, they still do not seem to perform any other function than to indicate the location of the traffic light, as happens with radars.

It also doesn’t seem to integrate with Google Maps voice directions when navigating mode is activated. It may just be an experimental test with a small group of early-stage users, so we don’t yet know how Google intends to implement this new traffic information.

It would be an interesting detail if this information was added, since it would allow us to know in advance the areas with the greatest number of traffic lights to avoid traffic jams. Or if they are unavoidable, this information will help us to foresee that we will need a few extra minutes to reach our destination on time.

Recall that this option is already available in Apple Maps since last year, with the arrival of iOS 13. For now, we will have to wait to see when and where Google Maps begins to implement this novelty, and how it will be integrated into its ecosystem of functions.

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