Google Maps will allow you to edit maps and upload photos for quick updates

Google announced a series of news that will be implemented in Maps in the coming weeks.

The idea is that all users can contribute their contributions to Google Maps so that the information offered by the platform is as complete and accurate as possible.

New options to contribute on Google Maps

One of the novelties that the Google team announced is the possibility of contributing by uploading photos of establishments. The idea is that the photos highlight relevant details for the users, for example, if the place has parking, if you have accessibility options, if I change the facade, etc.

So without leaving a rating or writing a review of a place, you can contribute updated information that is useful to other users. That new option will be enabled in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, another option to contribute to Google Maps is enabled in the desktop version with a road editing tool, as you can see in the video:

From the PC, users will be able to map more profound changes, for example, deleting routes that are incorrectly marked, adding roads by drawing lines, correcting erroneous information, etc.

Of course, Google will enable a review process in this case, to make sure the information added is correct. So it will have to go through revision before publishing. As mentioned by the Google team, this editing tool will be available in 80 countries in the next few months.

And other news announced by Google is a dynamic that will only be implemented in the United States, which invites all users to contribute as Local Guides to update the information of more than 100,000 business files. A campaign that will serve as a test to implement a similar dynamic in the future in other countries.

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