Google Maps will begin adding directions to shared bike stations

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is generating important changes in our day to day, including the way we move through our cities. In this sense, more and more people are choosing to use bicycles, their own or shared, to the detriment of private vehicles or even public transport, seeking safety when traveling.

In fact, Google itself is noticing a growing interest in the use of bicycles, either for recreational use or to go to their destinations, where in fact the searches for the nearest bicycle repair shops have grown more than double this month compared to July last year.

And with the growing interest in the use of bicycles, there are many municipalities that have put to work to create and clean thousands of kilometers. In this sense, Google has indicated that it is working to update bike lane information with the idea of ​​incorporating the data of the new bike lanes over the next few months at a global level, inviting the same municipalities to provide updated information on Google Maps through the geographic data upload tool.

But more important is the ad that is expressly addressed to those who use bike-sharing services.

In this regard, beginning in ten cities Starting today, users looking for indications of routes to be made by bicycle to their destinations, You will also find information on shared bike stations, including details of the steps to be taken on foot to the nearest departure stations along with live information of the available bicycles, and the necessary indications to be made by bicycle to the closest stations of the destinations that include free docking areas , and indications to be made on foot from the stations where the bicycles were left to the final destinations.

And for some of the cities, Maps will also provide links to the bike-sharing services apps., so that users can go to them, reserve their units and unlock them when they are in front of them.

The initial ten cities are: Chicago, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, London, Mexico City, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro,, So Paulo, Taipei, and New Taipei City.

Google is working with additional partners to bring this functionality to more cities over the next few months.

Image Credit: Google

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