Google Meet can now make background out of focus

Google Meet continues to grow, in users and functionality, and now that it is available in Gmail accounts, its visibility continues to grow

In the last few hours, two new ones have been presented: at the end of this month of September Google Meet will begin to implement new design options to see more participants at the same time and now also has the ability to blur the background of our own video transmission.

The mosaic option will allow up to 49 people to be viewed at once with the mosaic layout option, and Meet has also added the ability to see itself as a mosaic on the call, although this is currently only available on the web.

Being able to blur the background automatically is a great idea, very easy to do with AI systems. The goal is to focus on the person and not what is behind them. For it to work we need a Windows or Mac device with four or more cores that supports Hyper-Threading. Several users already have it activated, although they will gradually put it together.

This delete function has been disclosed on the Google blog, where they have the following animation so that we can see the differences:

The feature is disabled by default, but we can easily enable it by clicking the plus button (the three dots) in the lower right corner and then clicking the blurred background icon, both during and before a meeting.

Google warns that turning on background blur could slow down your device, so it recommends turning off the functionality if you want other apps to run faster.

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