Google Meet extends unlimited free video calling until June

Good news. Google Meet extends the call deadline with no time limit for all free accounts.

There is a small requirement to continue enjoying this feature, as we explain in detail below.

Unlimited video calls continue in the free version of Google Meet

Today will be the last day to enjoy unlimited Google Meet calling with a free account. This was determined by the Google team last year when it pushed back the original deadline, setting March 31 as the new deadline.

However, they have extended the deadline for users with free accounts to continue enjoying unlimited video calls for a couple of more months, until next June. This was confirmed by the Google team from their Twitter account.

This mode will be applied, as long as the video calls are started from the version of Google Meet integrated in Gmail. Remember that calls without a time limit, which translates as a maximum duration of 24 hours, is a function that originally belongs to Google Meet premium accounts. For free accounts, video calls have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.

So you have two more months to keep communicating with your friends and family without keeping an eye on the clock when you make a video call from Meet. And of course, it is still ideal for all work or study activities. Just remember to start the meeting from your Gmail account.

Google Meet has become one of the most popular options when looking for an app for video calls. While Zoom or Microsoft Teams offer cool features that adapt to different modalities, Meet has remained among the chosen options with updates to suit user needs.

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