Google Meet will prevent anonymous users from joining a video conference

Google Meet is adding a major update to its version dedicated to education.

Google wants educational meetings to have an added security and privacy by preventing any user anonymously from joining a video conference.

This will help any educational institution have more control over the attendees of their video conferences, and that they can carry out their virtual meetings without problems. As of this update, it will be a requirement that anyone who wants to join the video conference log in with their corresponding Google account. So no user who has not been invited will be able to interrupt the meeting.

While this should not be a problem, since you need the link sent by the administrator to enter an educational video conference, some students have found it funny to share them on the internet so that anyone can enter the meeting and cause a fuss.

A practice that already caused a lot of problems in Zoom until the service took concrete security measures. And while Google Meet has greatly improved the service in the last few months, it has not focused attention on this problem until now that it implements this feature.

This new feature will be enabled by default in G Suite for Education. This will prevent funny students and zoombombers from affecting the educational space. And if any educational group does not want to implement this dynamic, they can request an exception in their configuration. In this case, administrators will need to contact the Google team directly through one of the support channels.

Note that this feature is dedicated for G Suite for Education users.

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