Google One will add a new feature to its integrated VPN to protect devices

Google One could add a new feature to its built-in VPN that will protect users when they connect to unknown networks.

So that the devices are always protected and the data of the users safe, they are thinking of adding a plus to the dynamics of the VPN.

Google One adds a new feature to its built-in VPN

Last year, Google introduced an interesting novelty to its Google One service: an integrated VPN. A feature that saves users having to pay for a third-party VPN. And also, it has a very simple operation, as we explained in a previous article.

And soon a new feature will be added to complement the VPN’s goal of providing added privacy and security. As mentioned in 9to5Google, Google One will block the internet on the user’s device if it detects that the VPN is disconnected.

So if the VPN service is interrupted, you will have no internet connection on the device. That way, Google One will ensure that the device is always securely connected. Of course, the VPN built into Google One will try to reconnect without you taking any action, and when you connect again then the device will be allowed to access the internet.

The 9toGoogle team has discovered this new feature by analyzing the APK of the latest version of Google One, but it is not yet active, not even in its trial version. So we will have to wait to see if this function is implemented and what settings Google will enable to customize its dynamics.

The VPN function is not available for all Google One accounts. This option is only available for those users who have contracted the 2TB plan or higher. An interesting detail is that subscribers will be able to share this VPN feature with their family group, just like storage.

Remember that Google One allows subscribers to add up to 5 users from their family group to share the benefits of their plan.

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