Google phone allows you to automatically record calls from strangers

Google Phone is adding a new option in those regions where the application has call recording enabled.

You will not have to activate the recording every time you answer an unknown call, since the app offers you to carry out this process automatically.

New settings to record phone calls

Call recording is one of the features of the Phone app that is only available in certain regions and with certain mobile devices. So this new added option is not an update that will benefit all users.

So far, call recording gives users the ability to start recording at any time during the call. So it is an action that the user should take when he wants to save a recording of the conversation.

And now the potential of this function is extended, since the configuration of the application allows to establish that any calls from strangers are automatically recorded. That is, the recording will start without us having to perform any extra action when it is identified that the phone number is not in the contact book.

Google clarifies that this dynamic will be put into operation, as long as the user and the caller are within territories where local laws allow the recording of calls. And before starting the recording, both parties will be notified.

On the other hand, another possibility offered by the app is to specify that the conversations of certain phone numbers are always recorded. That way, you don’t have to manually activate recording for every call.

Of course, they are configuration options that can be modified as many times as the user wishes. All recordings made from the Google Phone app will be saved only on the device, and in some cases, it is possible to establish when we want them to be permanently deleted from the mobile.

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