Google Photos adds more options to use it in offline mode

Google Photos is adding new options that allow you to organize your photos at any time.

Options that are added to the rest of the functions available in the Google service to use it in offline mode.

Google Photos options to organize the library in offline mode

Google Photos has many functions that allow us to organize our photos and videos using different criteria. Or you can let the service automatically organize your photos into different categories.

And of course, you can also use the Google service as an app to view the photos you have in the gallery of your mobile, without the need to occupy cloud storage. And now more possibilities are added, since Google Photos integrates more options to use it without an internet connection. As mentioned in Android Police, now you can organize albums in offline mode.

So if you want to take advantage of the time when you are not connected to organize your library or add the new photos to the albums, you will be able to do it without problems. The dynamics is the same that you use when you organize your photos connected to the internet you can move photos between albums or create a new album, add a description, etc.

You can make all the changes you want and when you connect to the internet, they will be synchronized with the servers so that your changes are saved in your account. A simple and practical dynamic. Remember that Google Photos has different options to save content, depending on the quality and the space they want them to occupy in your storage. So keep this detail in mind when you make any changes in offline mode, although this dynamic will change next June 1.

These new options are already available to some users, but if you still don’t see them in your account, try updating to the latest version of Google Photos.

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