Google Photos has a new section to organize your documents

Google Photos is adding a new attraction for those who opt for this service to store and manage their photos and other content.

If you are one of those who save in Google Photos everything they capture with their mobile, this new update will interest you.

Google Photos adds a new dynamic to organize photos

Beyond photos and videos, Google Photos also has other options that automatically organize a variety of content. So if you don’t want to use other apps to save shopping tickets, receipts or screenshots, you can also do it with Google Photos, without representing a nuisance in your photo library.

Although you can send this content directly to Archive, it can be a tedious task to scroll through all the images trying to find a certain receipt, ticket, etc. To make this process easier for you, Google Photos is adding a new section that automatically classifies the different types of documents.

As mentioned in Android Central, there is a new section called Documents that collects all photos with text. And the interesting thing about this update is that it orders each type of photograph of this style in different categories: tickets, receipts, recipes, book fragments, catalogs, text messages, chats, post-it, posters, etc.

This new category follows the same dynamics as the rest of the classifications, such as People, Places or Things. That is, it uses artificial intelligence to automatically organize each photograph in its corresponding section. Of course, allow us to rearrange any item if it doesn’t fit into the proper category, and maybe even ask us to review some photos to improve the way we organize this content.

An interesting update if we take into account that a few days ago the web version of Google Photos was updated with the integration of Lens, opening a series of possibilities. At the moment, this new category to organize this type of content is only available for a small group of users, but it may be implemented gradually to all users.

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