Google Photos, now with comments and suggested additions

Again we talk about Google Photos, Google's photo storage and management service. Starting today, both through the Android and iOS applications and through the web, Google Photos will have support for comments. This will allow users to contribute their comments to both individual photos and the albums themselves.

In addition, from today it also has the suggested additions feature, which will allow users to contribute their best photos to albums that have been shared with them. It is a smart feature for automatically choosing a series of photos based on factors such as time or place, among others, and suggesting their authors to incorporate them into albums that have been shared with them. This prevents these authors from having to waste time reviewing their photos manually to incorporate them into said albums.With this, Google Photos is smarter and more social. Users who wish can already go to the application markets of the respective platforms to purchase the latest update of Google Photos available for Android devices, reaching version 1.20, as well as the latest update available for iOS devices, which reaches version 1.10.

These developments come very few days after Facebook launched Facebook Moments in the European and Canadian markets without the facial recognition capability. As we can see, the competition is good since the main beneficiaries are the users, so that neither company is going to stop paying attention to their respective applications focused on photography.

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