Google Photos simplifies its interface and launches the map view

Five years after the launch of Google Photos, this famous personal video and photo management application received a good facelift to simplify the experience for users on their mobile devices.

In addition to the simplified experience, Google Photos reinforces the Memories section, incorporates a map where to locate photos and videos based on the places in the world where they were taken, and even simplifies its iconic logo, keeping its essence as always.

Google notes that the redesign of Google Photos is designed to make it easier for users to relive their most precious memories. In this sense, the simplified user experience offers a structure of three tabs: Photos, Search and Library.

In the Eyelash Photos users will find their photo and video thumbnails larger, with less free space between them.

At the top you will find the Carousel of Memories, which will also be larger and house new types of memories, such as the best photos of yourself and friends, trips, and best moments of the past week.

Additionally, the auto creations feature will now become part of the Memories section. And finally, users will be able to hide their memories based on people, specific time periods, and by type.

In the Searches tabIn addition to facilitating searches for people, places and things, comes a very requested function, and recently found in the testing phase, which is the map view, where the photos and videos will be placed along the map depending on the where they were taken.

This function will depend both on enabling the location function in the device’s camera, on activating Location History, or on manually entering locations in photos and videos that users upload to their accounts.

Finally, there is the Library tab, which will give access to sections such as albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, among others, also including the print shop to all those users belonging to the USA, the European Union or Canada.

As we have also mentioned, the characteristic icon of the application is also being simplified, keeping the familiar shape of the pinwheel.

The new experience begins to roll out from today to reach all users throughout the next week

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