Google Photos will no longer save WhatsApp content by default

Google Photos manages to make a backup in the cloud of all our photos and videos, something necessary to always have space available on our mobile, since it allows us to press the button to free up space from time to time to erase everything from our mobile phone. has been copied to the cloud.

The fact is that by default it also backed up WhatsApp content, which on the one hand is an advantage, since we can clean the space more effectively, but on the other hand it fills our Google Photos with images and photos of groups that do not they have nothing to do with our personal lives.

That’s right, you’re not the only one who went looking for your cousin’s birthday photos 4 years ago and came across 2,500 accidentally saved WhatsApp memes.

Now Google has made a decision: if you want that backup, you will have to specify it, because by default it will not.

And I will not only do it with WhatsApp, also with Messages and Kik, although there is a but: the deactivation will be temporary, just to save internet resources during the ongoing pandemic.

Logically, if we want to, we can enter the manual configuration and activate it again.

Those who suffer this change will see it in a separate notification through the Google Photos application.

The previous backups are not affected by the change, so the beloved memes already saved in the cloud, will remain there until we decide to delete them by hand.

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