Google Play and its new functions for subscriptions to apps and games

Google has announced a series of improvements for Google Play, a platform that now sees the arrival of improved features for the subscription service.

This set of new features comes through the Google Play Billing Library 3 version and below we have the list of tools that can be used by app and game developers to further benefit their creations.

First of all, shared promotional codes

The Android developer blog has announced that the first improvement has to do with the famous promotional codes. In this case, multiple access codes have been added, which allow the developer to place an alphanumeric code for a discount or with free months for a user and promote it by social networks. With this, the steps to redeem the code will be faster and easier for the user.

Tool to remember the benefits of the app before unsubscribing

In the new version of Google Play developers can place up to 4 benefits that the user can lose if they cancel their subscription. Indeed, it is one of the most interesting functions, since it allows the creators to communicate directly to the person the added value of being part of the subscription to their app or game.

New option to recover lost users

To facilitate the re-entry of subscribers, they can now return to the application from the Google Play subscription center. With this, SKUs can be enabled for resubscription in the Google Play Console.

Lower the subscription price, an improved feature

In the fourth step we find an update in the price reduction option of the app or game. Now, the developer will be able to lower the price of the application without the user having to take measurements or do something manually. From the Google Play subscription center you can see the price decrease.

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