Google Play Music already has a closing date: so you can download your music

Google Play Music already has a farewell date. Although its closure is nothing new, now Google confirms that the service will end this year.

The closure will begin in September in some countries, and will last until October. And in December, YouTube Music will finally replace Google Play Music.

Once this closing stage begins, it will no longer be possible to use any of the Google Play Music functions, although they will have until December to save their data. So there is enough time for distracted users to backup their music (playlist, likes, etc) or move to YouTube Music.

To transfer all the content to YouTube Musics, you only need to access the tool provided by Google. You have to go to this link, log in with the corresponding Google account and follow the instructions.

Among the content to be transferred are the playlists, songs uploaded or purchased, Likes, and billing data, if you have a subscription. You will see that YouTube Music will start suggesting content based on your Play Music history and preferences.

And if you don’t want to transfer your music content (only uploaded or purchased music) to YouTube Music, you can choose to download it to your computer using the Google Takeou tool, which you can manage from your Google account.

And of course, you can also choose to simply delete your Google Play account, along with all data, before final closure. Google has been betting heavily on YouTube Music as of late, so you’ll find all the popular Play Music features and a few extras to make it your favorite music service.

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