Google Play Store is renewed with a better design and new configuration

If you have entered Google Play Store in the last few hours and you have found that the My applications section has disappeared, do not worry. This is not a bug, but the new Google Play design is being implemented with many new features.

An update that is already reaching all users with the latest version of Google Play.

New design and better features for Google Play

This new design has been in testing for a long time, but now it is officially rolling out to all users, and it brings a lot of changes.

One of the first changes you will notice is that you will no longer be able to access My apps and games from the side menu. Now you will find this section by clicking on your avatar or profile photo of your Google account. There you will find all the sections that you found by displaying the hamburger menu.

So whether you want to see if you have pending app updates, your payment methods or go to Settings, you will have to click on the avatar to display the menu with all these options. You will have noticed that this menu also includes a Collection that groups your wish lists, shortcuts to books and movies, among other content.

And if you take a look at Settings you will find that all the options to configure your account are better organized. You will see those settings that correspond to user controls and a section dedicated to configuring parental controls and other familiar options. And of course, a section for all the settings that allow you to customize the dynamics and preferences of Google Play.

So everything you need to manage your Google Play account can be found from the menu that displays your avatar. And from there, you can go to different well-differentiated sections to make the changes you need to adjust the dynamics of the app.

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