Google prepares a section in the Assistant to save almost any content

Google Assistant could soon release a new section that will help users keep track of all the content that interests them, without depending on other apps.

Whether you want to save a note, an article to read later, or make any content a reminder, you can use the Google Assistant.

New Google Assistant feature to save everything

As mentioned in 9to5Google, the Google Assistant could add a section called Memory that aims to offer a simple dynamic to save all the content we want in one place.

This section will be dedicated to save almost everything from the mobile images, links, articles, photos, images from social networks, notes, reminders, playlists, etc. That is, everything you find on the web, you have saved in the gallery of the mobile or you capture with the camera of the device.

And you will not have to worry about organizing all the content that you are saving in this new section, since the Assistant will implement an intelligent dynamic. Not only will it organize everything you keep, but it will also use cards to highlight certain content.

For example, you will find filters like Important, read later, today, old memories, etc. And in the case of files that correspond, for example, to Google Docs, a preview of the document will be shown from its dedicated card. And each card will suggest an action related to the content.

It is as if it were a library dedicated only to the content we save, in the style of Pinterest or Google Keep, but all the work is done by the Google Assistant. And of course, any content can be removed or shared using different means.

At the moment, this new section of Google Assistant is part of internal testing, but it is not mentioned when they will release this dynamic for all users.

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