Google presents an extension to link to texts on the same page

Links on the Internet work in the same way from the beginning: we click on one and it takes us to another web page, or to a specific section of it.

Google wants to add sauce to the matter with the possibility of linking to specific texts on the same page, and for this there is already a plugin created for it.

When we share the created link, it will take the user directly to that part of the page, with the selected text highlighted.

The new extension is called Link to Text Fragment, available at this link, and we already have the video of how it works.

As you can see, we only have to select any text on a page and click on the right button to see the new option created by the plugin. Once done, we will have the new link on the clipboard, so we can share it with anyone just by pasting it in email, social networks or instant messaging.

In this way we can easily copy and save links to use them in the future, showing other people the interesting area that we want to highlight, without it being necessary for everyone to have the extension installed.

When it was presented a few hours ago, it still does not have many active users, but being Google its creator, it will be a matter of time: reaching thousands of people.

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