Google presents new options to search series on the Internet

From the Google blog they have made some comments about the TV of the future and about the projects they are working on in this sector.

On the one hand, they have reported that, very soon, within the Google search engine we will be able to find information about the place where we can see the last chapter of our favorite series (netflix, hulu or any other streaming service) as well as the channel TV, day and time of transmission, something that will look like this:

The idea is that by searching for the title of a series you will see information about the (legal) options to see it, a function that they are already preparing for its immediate release, although only in the United States in its first phase.

In the same article they comment on the movements they are making to offer personalized ads in the world of TV, as well as the agreements they have already closed with some companies in this sector, making it clear that advertising will continue to be Google's main focus. In the video below you can see how his solution works for this topic:

As you can see, the objective is to show personalized announcements when a user watches a TV event from a mobile device, thus offering a much more effective experience than the one they would have when they see them on a traditional TV set, where the same content is shown to everybody.

The TV of the future is exactly that, personalized content, including ads.

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