Google Stadia now allows you to play from almost any Android mobile

If you have been wanting to try Stadia because you do not have one of the compatible mobiles, you may be in luck, since Google now allows you to play from almost any Android.

It’s not that it adds support for all Android devices, it’s just part of an experimental feature. So it may not work properly on all mobiles or may be faulty.

But if you want to take a look at the gaming environment that Stadia offers, you can try your luck with your mobile. You just have to download the Stadia app on your Android mobile, go to Settings and scroll to the option Play on this device to activate it.

The performance and fluidity of the application will depend on the benefits of your mobile, since remember that this experiment is for devices that are not officially compatible, so there are no guarantees of its functionality.

On the other hand, the Google team also announced some interesting news for those who are already fans of Stadia. Players can now use touch controls for their game matches if they don’t want to be dependent on the controller. As perhaps in the image that illustrates the article, the controls of the Stadia controller are now displayed on the screen.

These touch controls are available for all games available on Stadia by selecting the option that enables the touch gamepad. And a plus that comes with the announcement of this update is that Stadia adds a new series of compatible mobiles, this time, taking into account the new OnePlus models, as detailed in Stadia.

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